General Information

Preparing for Collection Day

Please prepare trash in a sanitary manner. Please make sure all trash is bagged in trash bags and tied shut. If needed double bag trash to avoid spillage of heavy solids, animal litter, etc. For safety reasons bags should weigh less than 35 pounds, remember –we are lifting those bags all day.

To avoid any delay in your pick up Apple Valley Waste recommends placing your garbage and recycling at the curb the night before the day of your pickup. If we missed the pick-up, we can pick up extra trash the following week at no charge or have the driver go back if he is still in your neighborhood. If your trash was not set out in time a “Go Back” charge may apply. Please call the office if you will have any refuse in excess of your normal and allotted household weekly amount. We attempt to maintain the same scheduled service days unless otherwise noted (See cancellations and delays). It is difficult to guarantee pickup times due to uncontrollable circumstances that we may encounter day to day.
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Streets may have parked cars along them, which easily block us from seeing your refuse. Please keep four (4) feet of clear space on either side and do not place behind parked cars. Display your address prominently at your service location. This not only aids our collection crews but emergency vehicles as well.

Scope of Responsibility

Our crews are trained to do a thorough job. Therefore, anything left within 10 feet of the collection area may be collected as trash. Do not store valuable or important items in plastic trash bags. It can be easily mistaken as trash and thrown away. Sharp objects, such as needles, razor blades, broken glass and knives, should be placed inside of durable plastic bottles, sealed with tape, marked accordingly, and then placed in the trash.

AVW is also not responsible for personal trash cans or lids, unless you have one of our AVW durable wheeled carts that are available to you.

AVW can and will audit routes at any time. The reason for this is to provide the best service possible to all active customers. Only one household per address will be picked up, if trash has been combined from other addresses, we will not pick up the trash.

Cancellations and Delays

At certain times we may need to cancel or delay collection services due to weather, disasters, acts of God, or emergencies of uncontrollable circumstances. Areas that remain unserviceable will be delayed until it is determined that our crews can operate safely and unobstructed. When delays in service occur our crews will run all accessible routes as normal and continue into the next day until the route is complete. We will make every effort to provide service as conditions allow. There will be no adjustment made to your bill for cancellations or delays, as we will pick up any trash on the next scheduled pickup.


To prevent unsightly litter in your community all refuse must be contained. Metal or plastic trash cans are acceptable but trash must be bagged inside. Trash bags alone are also acceptable. AVW offers a 96 gallon wheeled trash cart. Please call for more information. If your AVW cart needs repaired or replaced, please call our office or contact us via our website or email. Please remember, the customer is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the wheeled carts. There will be a fee for any wheeled cart in need of repair or replacement due to negligence or misuse. Any damage caused by normal wear and tear will be repaired by AVW at no charge. Trash carts and recycling bins remain the property of AVW and are provided to our customers for the duration of service.

REMINDER: For safety reasons trashed placed out in bags weighing in excess of 35 pounds will not be picked up.

Service Cancellation

You must personally notify our office in advance by phone when you plan to move, cancel, or transfer service. Unless we are notified in advance, you will remain responsible for the accrued monthly charges. Refunds due will be processed within 60 days of cancellation.