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Apple Valley Waste Truck.

Trash Removal Services

Residential Dumpsters available.

Residential Dumpsters

When it's time to take out the trash from your home call our professionals! We provide dumpsters for removing debris from remodeling, cleanouts, construction, demolition, recycling and more. We're fast and provide services at the most reasonable rates!

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Contractor Services


Are you a contractor and need help getting rid of construction waste and materials? Turn to Apple Valley Waste for a large selection of dumpsters delivered within 48 hours. We also provide emergency services. Call us now for all your trash removal needs.

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Commercial Dumpsters and Compactors available.

Dumpsters and Compactors

Owning a business comes with big responsibilities, one of which being trash removal. We provide dumpsters, trash compactors, garbage hauling, recycling and more for your property.

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Residential Trash Removal

Don't Let Your Home Become a Wasteland

Once trash and garbage begin to pile up on and in your residential property, a large problem can begin to ensue. Before you know it, you have debris everywhere. Seeking out services from Apple Valley Waste helps you properly manage your trash.

Are you taking on a cleaning or construction project? No problem! We'll promptly provide a dumpster to dispose of your debris.

Recycle Your Junk

From plastic, glass, wood, to even tree limbs and brush, our company will be more than happy to help you recycle your waste. Not only does recycling get your trash off your property but it also keeps the earth a clean and healthy.

Dumpster Rentals 7 Days a Week

When you need a dumpster, we'll be there to deliver the goods! We also offer commercial and contractor services for your convenience. Call Apple Valley Waste today and tell our friendly staff how we can assist you.

Dumpsters in Many Sizes for:

  • Home remodeling / roof tear-off
  • Neighborhood mass cleanup
  • Tree and brush cleanup from storms
  • Basement cleanout
  • Garage cleanout

What We Offer:

10 Cubic Yard Roll-off Container Dimensions:

  • 12.5, 14 Feet Long
  • 6.5, 8 Feet Wide
  • 4.5 Feet Tall or 42 inches height

15 Cubic Yard Roll-off Container Dimensions:

  • 16 Feet Long
  • 8 Feet Wide
  • 4.5 Feet Tall or 36 inches height

20 Cubic Yard Roll-off Container Dimensions:

  • 22, 23.5 Feet Long
  • 8 Feet Wide
  • 4.5 Feet Tall or 52 inches height

30 Cubic Yard Roll-off Container Dimensions:

  • 22, 23.5 Feet Long
  • 8 Feet Wide
  • 6.5 Feet Tall or 60 inches height

40 Cubic Yard Roll-off Container Dimensions:

  • 22, 23.5 Feet Long
  • 8 Feet Wide
  • 8.5 Feet Tall or 68 inches height

*Some sizes may not be available in all areas

We Help Contractors Recycle Waste

Save Time and Money

Apple Valley Waste is here to help you clean up your construction sites with professionalism and ease. As a contractor, the cleanup can often be the biggest part of the job. Time is money when you're in the contracting business.

You'll also maintain a good working relationship with your customers by working with us to get your materials and debris cleaned up quickly.

For questions about how to dispose of items not accepted for bulky pickup, please call us at (304) 724-1834.

Recycle Your Discarded Materials

Wood, concrete, glass, trees, brush and more can all be recycled and used for other purposes. Apple Valley Waste will help you clean all of this debris up from your construction site and recycle it for the greater good of the planet.

Dumpsters in Many Sizes for:

  • Dumpsters for new construction cleanup
  • Remodeling cleanup
  • Demolition cleanup
  • Roof tear-off cleanup

Rent a Dumpster for Your Biggest Messes

Take advantage of our dumpster rental services 7 days a week. We provide professional trash removal services for residential and commercial properties.

Commercial Trash Removal

With over 40 years of experience, count on Apple Valley Waste to provide you with the services that you need. We offer FREE estimates, reliability and affordable rates. When it comes to commercial property trash removal, we're the ones to trust.

Are you planning a corporate event? Our crew can supply the trash receptacles, dumpsters and waste disposal services you need to make your event a success.

We offer a wide variety of dumpster sizes with an array of available service options personalized to your business needs.

Get Rid of Industrial Waste Today

Whether you have sensitive documents you need shredded and discarded of or company picnic trash to be picked up, Apple Valley Waste has you covered. We also offer environmental friendly recycling for a better planet.

Explore All of Our Services

In addition to commercial services, we also offer residential and contractor trash removal. Call us today and receive a FREE estimate on bulk trash disposal and pickup. We hope to hear from you soon!

Retailers, Institutions, Manufacturers, Dumpster Service - Trash and Recycle

Containers vary in size from 10 - 40 yards with sizes in between to best serve you.

Commercial Property Cleanup

  • Bulk trash pickup
  • Recycling
  • Hauling
  • Demolition
  • Specialty projects
  • Trash pickup as often as needed
  • Pilings and self-contained compactor
  • Rear load
  • Front load
  • Single stream and solid waste recycling

We also provide emergency services.